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We are intent on supporting projects with significant and sustainable economic impact. To do so, we differentiate between financial support and promotional programs.

Financial Support for Companies

Surety and Security Collaterals

Qualifying SME can expect sustainable support from our surety partners:

  • BG OST-SÜD for SME (in German)
    The Surety Association OST-SÜD was founded in 1933 with the objective to actively support healthy and productive small and medium enterprises with company founding, as well as their ongoing operations and growth efforts. Benefits include sureties/collaterals of up to CHF 1'000'000.–.
  • SAFFA Surety Association (in German)
    The Surety Association SAFFA is promoting and supporting female entrepreneurs with compelling business models, who are about to launch their own company, to take over or expand an existing woman-led business.

Cantonal Tax Incentives

The government of the Canton of St.Gallen may grant tax relief to newly launched companies that promise to advance the economic interests and wealth of the canton. The fundamental reorientation of a company’s purpose and operations can be considered equivalent to the launch of a new company (acc. to Section 11 of Law on Taxation).

Regional Tax Incentives

According to its Regional Policy, the Swiss Federal Government aims at supporting and strengthening the competitiveness of selected regions and at increasing local value creation. Based on Section 12 of the Federal Law concerning Regional Policy it is possible to grant tax relief to companies of the industrial sector and service providers immediately related to manufacturing and production.

Project Development Promotion

We examine and promote innovative development projects with a positive economic impact on the region in the fields of tourism, real estate, and in the industrial sector. Based on federal and cantonal subsidy programs, the following funding instruments and development programs may apply:

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