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Are you looking for an attractive, competitive and innovative location for your company, and the Canton of St.Gallen is on the shortlist for your site of choice? We are more than happy to provide individual and customized support for your project.

University of St.Gallen, Executive Education

Economic Area

Let us help you to get to know the Canton of St.Gallen as an innovative, high-tech intensive and agile business location. Because this is our distinctive trademark. Whether your specialization is in ICT, Mechanical Engineering and Precision Technology, or Photonics, we facilitate and offer ideal conditions for successful business development and economic performance. 

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Living and Working

In the multifaceted living and working environment of the Canton of St.Gallen your top skilled employees will easily encounter an attractive quality of living that matches the innovative challenges they tackle at work every day. Fascinating landscapes and nature, thriving communities and premium-quality housing options guarantee an even and comprehensive work/life balance. 

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Networking, Promotion and Support

You need to network to make it work! Being connected to professional networks in the region – of companies, associations, research and learning institutions, or authorities – is of paramount important for every business.

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Do you plan to realize a project of significant economic impact and are still looking for promotion or financial support?

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