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Tourism is an important pillar for the visibility of the Canton of St.Gallen as it spreads the word about St.Gallen’s prime quality of living all over the world. We support projects and initiatives that strengthen tourist attractions and the tourism industry in St.Gallen.

Tourism Area Planning and Development

We collaborate closely with local municipalities, tourist destinations, area planners and highly motivated, decisive key players to provide touristic areas with dedicated Tourism Development Strategies (TEK). They comprise guidelines and define the topics for visitors’ experiences that will frame and facilitate forward-looking projects in the tourism sector. Diligent area planning delivers the foundation for the sustainable development of our many tourist destinations.

We are currently working on strategic projects in the Flumserberg region, the Bad Ragaz area, as well as in Toggenburg and in the city of St.Gallen.

Landmark Projects and Ideas

Do you have an idea how to make the Canton of St.Gallen an even more attractive tourist destination? But you are still lacking in-depth expertise, the necessary network or financial means?

Visionary landmark projects and ideas for the tourism industry in the Canton of St.Gallen are centrally coordinated and supported by the Tourism Council (“Tourismusrat”) St.Gallen. The Council is composed by representatives of the four tourist destinations, the hospitality and gastronomy industry, and of the Casino Bad Ragaz.

Gastronomy and Hospitality Fee

A mandatory annual fee paid by restaurants and hotels in the Canton of St.Gallen is an important contribution by the gastronomy and hospitality sector to the tourism industry in the Canton of St.Gallen.

Do you have questions about the fee and how it is calculated? The municipality of your residence or business location is your direct point of contact and reference for answers and more information. 

Here at the offices of the Canton of St.Gallen, the go-to person who will gladly help you with your inquiries is Tanja Eicher (tanja.eicher@sg.ch; +41 58 229 01 16).

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