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We strive to be an innovative, high-tech intensive and agile business location. This is our distinctive trademark. Become a part of our success story.

A Strong and Highly International Business Location

Historically, our economic roots date back to the textile industry. Already 500 years ago, St.Gallen was plugged into markets all over Europe, selling its high quality textile products from Southern Spain to Northern Poland. 

Today, our fiercely competitive companies in the Canton of St.Gallen are still exporting up to more than 90% of their products to markets abroad. Sharing a border with no less than three countries (Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein), the Canton of St.Gallen is ideally situated to provide companies with a highly attractive transportation and connectivity to the rest of Europe.

Global Market Leader in Precision and ICT

St.Gallen is given its distinction by a healthy, high-tech powered industrial sector. Privileged access to applied research institutions in the region allows companies to maintain and expand their head start in innovation. Proven ICT service providers add to the sophistication of the business location and offer companies a trajectory into an auspicious future facilitated by digital transformations inherent in areas such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, comprehensive E-Commerce, as well as Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies.

Location Benefits

The following factors are determinants for St.Gallen’s ongoing transformation into an investment and technology powerhouse location benefitting your company:

  • Highest IP and data protection worldwide
  • Appealing cost and tax benefits
  • A stable economic and regulatory environment
  • First-class research environment
  • Direct access to highly educated and skilled talent

We’re here to help you settle, expand or relocate your business

The business location St.Gallen is in itself a crucial success factor for all kinds of companies. Would you too like to reap the benefits and relocate or expand your business in our region? We’re here to help!

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