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St.Gallen’s intriguing displays of nature, thriving communities, and high-quality housing options guarantee an even and comprehensive work/life balance. In the diverse and multifaceted living and working environment of the Canton of St.Gallen you will find many outstanding ways to perfectly balance day-to-day business and personal time.

Experience the Pure Nature of the Canton of St.Gallen

Sights of nature and landscapes in the Canton of St.Gallen are simply among Switzerland’s most beautiful. Eastern Switzerland’s outdoors will let you forget the stress of everyday business in a heartbeat! Here are some pointers to our Canton’s nature and leisure highlights that you might enjoy:

A Diverse and Dynamic Cultural Scene

Our region truly stands out through the diverse range of cultural activities it has to offer, among them the internationally renowned Openair St.Gallen, several Jazz Festivals, many museums and theatres, as well as the “St.Galler Festspiele”, a summer festival in the square of the Abbey of St.Gallen, a UNESCO heritage site. Sports fans have ample opportunity to watch top level soccer games, follow the handball and ice hockey leagues, or spend a day at the CSIO St.Gallen, a fixture for equestrian fans. You can even become active yourself – by joining one of the many clubs and associations you’ll become part of an active and socially committed community.

Leisure Activities in Eastern Switzerland

Housing and Living Spaces: Highly Available and Attractive

St.Gallen offers top-notch housing options that are widely available, affordable and very attractive when compared to other parts of Switzerland. Our region really provides you with housing and living spaces that are second to none in a cost/benefit analysis. The following regional real estate portals are constantly updated with the hottest and most recent listings:

Expat Communities Giving a Warm Welcome

If you’ve just recently arrived in our region and want to feel home quickly, you can count on the support of various expat communities. Here’s a list of communities and blogs looking forward to welcome you in St.Gallen:

For your children, there’s the International School Rheintal, ISR Buchs. This international school offers courses in English and the possibility to earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) for all ages (up to 12th grade). Learn more about the ISR Buchs here.

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