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We are committed to facilitate access to funding and grant organizations while ensuring full transparency about the promotional programs and funding opportunities available.


Innosuisse is committed to support your innovative idea from take-off to break-through, and offers a wide array of options to get the process started. 



Bridge assists young academics to successfully transform their research results into a real-world application or service in the marketplace. This promotion program also is geared towards experienced researchers interested in assessing and exploiting the innovative potential of their research results.  

Interreg Cross-Border Cooperation

Interreg specializes in the promotion of cross-border projects aiming at supra-regional dialogue and cooperation within the European Union and its neighboring countries.

European Cooperation

SME in St.Gallen enjoy frequent and numerous opportunities to engage in European cooperation.


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Samuel Mösle

Samuel Mösle

Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit


Davidstrasse 35
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