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University of St.Gallen Expansion

The world-renowned University of St.Gallen is about to experience further growth. Why the expansion? Where will annexes and additional buildings be constructed? Find all the answers and more on our digital platform zukunfthsg (in German).

Restructuring of St.Gallen’s Universities of Applied Science

Since September 1, 2020, the OST has united the proven universities of applied sciences FHS St.Gallen, HSR Rapperswil and NTB Buchs to form a strong university of applied sciences in eastern Switzerland, building on over 170 years of educational and research experience. 

Switzerland Innovation Park Ost

In spring 2021, the Federal Council approved the inclusion of the Innovation Park Ost as the sixth location carrier in the overall Swiss Innovation Park network.

At Switzerland Innovation Park Ost in St.Gallen, research, medicine and industry work together on interdisciplinary innovation projects. Internal research and engineering resources are complemented by specialists from a national and international partner network. The Park "Ost" is under construction.


IT Education Offensive

IT stakeholders in the Canton of St.Gallen are actively engaged in educational efforts related to changes brought on by digitalization. Current activities enjoy the support of a special public initiative, the IT Education Offensive (in German). The IT Education Offensive has received extraordinary public funding in the amount of 75 million Swiss Francs distributed over a period of eight years.

Medical Master

The Joint Medical Master JMM-HSG/UZH (in German) is a new, seminal master course in human medicine jointly offered by the Universities of Zurich and St.Gallen. JMM puts innovative emphasis on training the medical doctors of tomorrow by strategically combining both universities’ and their medical partners’ strengths in a joint graduate school program in Eastern Switzerland.

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